Barcode Scanner Newland HR1150 1D

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Barcode Scanner Newland HR1150 1D

With operational streamlining in mind, the Newland HR1150 Aringa 1D Barcode Scanner ensures increased efficiency and operator comfort for intensive handheld scanning. Its compact housing is durable (1.5m drop rate) and lightweight (120g). The ergonomic design is sure to reduce user fatigue and maximize operator comfort for everyday intensive handheld scanning.


  • Value for money.

The HR11+ Aringa is compact & ergonomic in design, maximizing comfort during daily operations. It delivers outstanding scanning performance with a 2500-pixel linear imager and offers an excellent user experience at an affordable price.

  • Ergonomic design.

Blending ergonomics and aesthetics in its design, the HR11+ Aringa ensures operator comfort and productivity for intensive handheld scanning.

  • Scanning from paper and screen.

Equipped with Newland’s NLDC technology, the HR11+ Aringa is optimized for fast scanning of 1D barcodes printed on paper or displayed on screen. This makes it a snappy solution for companies looking to tackle emerging applications like O2O.


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