Honeywell Genesis 7580g Hands-Free Scanner

Honeywell Genesis 7580g

Honeywell Genesis 7580g is the first presentation area-imaging scanner engineered to decode all standard 1D, PDF and 2D barcodes. Its revolutionary imaging technology is housed in an elegant, yet durable design. Powered by Adaptus™ Imaging Technology 6.0, the 7580g scanner packs breakthrough performance into a versatile form factor.

Product Details :

Honeywell Genesis 7580g -2

Mobile Phone Reading

Excels at scanning coupons and mobile tickets directly from the screen of a mobile device.

Honeywell Genesis 7580g -3

TotalFreedom™ 2.0

Available plug-in expands the scanner’s decoding and data formatting functionality, eliminating the need for host system modifications.

Honeywell Genesis 7580g -4

Image Capture

Improves document management by capturing and storing electronic images, including coupons, personal checks, signatures and damaged packages.


Honeywell Genesis 7580g -5

Optional EAS 

Increases efficiency by simultaneously deactivating EAS tags and decoding barcodes from up to 17 cm (7 in) away.

Honeywell Genesis 7580g -6

Stylish Design

Instantly dresses up front-end operations.


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