Newland Barcode Wireless Scanner HR1550-CE Wahoo 1D

Newland HR1550 CE Wahoo wireless handheld scanner

Newland HR1550

Newland HR1550 CE Wahoo 1D handheld barcode scanner is the cordless model of HR15 series. This model adopts Zigbee technology to realize wireless communication and supports standard RS-232 / USB. The HR1550 CE wireless rugged scanner is very suitable for applications in supermarkets, shopping malls and warehouse environment applications, etc.


  • Data Acquisition

Supports common 1D barcodes.

  • Zigbee Wireless

Zigbee technology, supporting long-distance communication up to 50m & easy networking to expand coverage.

  • Operating Modes

Data Transmission supports Synchronous, Asynchronous and Batch mode. Offline Scanning up to 4095 EAN barcodes of 13mil.

  • Super One Pair

Cradle and scanner(s) can be paired one-to-one or one-to-many simply via the Match key on cradle. And the cradle is also able to seek the paired scanner(s) via the Match key.

Newland HR1550

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