POSBANK DCR™ A1 All In One POS (Android)

Entirely New. Completely Redefined.™

The DCR™ A1, a new addition to the DCR™ series, is an Android-based all-in-one POS terminal. With 9.7” touchscreen, a customer display, a fast receipt printer, and a card reader all integrated into a single terminal, there is no need to consider what to have around it. The DCR™ A1 is the perfect solution for business owners in pursuit of maximum return on minimum investment.

Key Features :

  • Red Dot Design Award Winner
  • Super compact All-in-One POS Terminal
  • ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-Core Processor
  • Android 6.0 Supported
  • 10” Display with PCAP Touch
  • 3″ Fast Printer, Card Reader, and Customer Display Integrated.
  • Budget-Friendly Solution

Groundbreaking All-in-One Design.

The unmatched innovative all-in-one design of the DCR™ A1 is recognized by the world’s prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The POSBANK DCR™ series is a completely redefined POS terminal with groundbreaking all-in-one design and ergonomically-designed structure.

Supercompact Body.

Smaller Footprint.

With smaller footprint, only less than a piece of paper, the DCR™ A1 allows staff to deploy it on the counter without worry of a space. The super compact DCR™ A1 offers larger space on the checkout counter for staff to display and sell additional items that can enhance the bottom line.

Reliable Performance.Powered by power-efficient Cortex®-A7 Quad-Core processor, the DCR™ A1 delivers reliable operation that is enough to run today’s POS applications. The DCR™ A1 is loaded with Android OS providing intuitive UI and improved usability.
* SDK available
Brighter Touchscreen.
Fast and Intuitive.On its 8” wide or 10” touchscreen LCD, the DCR™ x86 delivers intuitive and familiar experiences similar to tablets. Brighter touchscreen with LED backlight improves touch accuracy and speed. PCAP touch technology ensures faster touch response, and the display tilts toward staff for easy operation.
Run Your Business with Affordable Solution.The DCR™ A1 is designed to have lean and simple structure for budget-sensitive business owners. The POSBANK DCR™ A1, the most ideal solution to get the most from your budget, offers lowest initial cost and total cost of ownership in its class.
Built-in.The high-speed jam-free 3” printer, with fast printing speed of up to 200mm/s, does not make your customers wait. The built-in printer creates clean and cable-free environment on the counter space.
Multiple Peripheral Devices.The DCR™ A1, even in super compact size, provides connection to multiple peripheral devices. Use existing devices or add new peripheral devices to meet changing business needs as your business grows.

Source : www.posbank.com