Symbol LS2208 Linear Barcode Scanner (1D)

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With over eight million sold, the LS2208 remains our best selling handheld laser scanner. The LS2208 has it all — enterprise class scanning in a very ergonomic and durable lightweight design that delivers all day comfort, an extra-long read range for easy scanning, plus support for everyday 1D bar codes, including high-density. With multiple interfaces, a universal cable and support for keyboards in 97 languages, the LS2208 delivers plug-and-play simplicity in virtually every corner of the world. The LS2208 — the well-proven scanner powering the checkout lines all around the world.

  • Durable construction
With its patented single board construction, patented frictionless liquid polymer scan element, scratch resistant tempered glass exit window and a stringent drop and tumble specification, the LS2208 delivers reliable all-day, every day operation.
  • Capture high-density bar codes for greater application flexibility
With just one scanner, you can capture the high density bar codes common on small items.
  • Deploy in every corner of the world
With support for 97 international keyboards, the LS2208 is ready for operation in your country, right out of the box.
  • More decode feedback options
Choose from a variety of options to indicate the successful capture of a bar code: the Direct Decode Indicator (a blinking laser line), a beep tone, a red/green LED indicator — or any combination of the three.
  • All day comfort your workers can count on
The well-proven ergonomic and lightweight balanced design provides maximum comfort, even in the most scan intensive environments. The result? Reduced user fatigue and increased worker productivity.
  • Flexible handheld or hands-free operation
The optional IntellistandTM enables presentation scanning and allows workers to automatically switch between hands-free and handheld modes in the time it takes to drop the LS2208 into the stand.
  • Multiple interfaces
No matter what host you need to connect to today or tomorrow, the future proof LS2208 is ready.
  • Truly plug-and-play
The universal cable connects to any computing environment, practically eliminating setup and training time.
  • Advanced Data Formatting (ADF)
Format data properly before it is sent to your host computer, eliminating the costly modification of host software.