Zebra DS4308 Streamline and error proof the manufacturing production line with a new level of scanning performance

In electronics manufacturing, the tracking of every component is crucial to product quality — it ensures that the right components are in each product, prevents the use of counterfeit components and enables rapid and targeted recalls to protect customer safety.

In order to keep the production line moving, you need a scanner that can capture a wide variety of barcodes printed on a wide variety of surfaces with lightning speed, every time. Introducing the Zebra DS4308-XD, the scanner that is built for your production line. Loaded with advanced scanning technology, the DS4308-XD has what it takes to capture 1D, 2D and direct marks printed on circuit boards and other components — from near contact to as far as six inches away*.

You get the industry’s largest “sweet spot”, making barcode capture easier than ever. Our superior aiming technology makes accurate aim easy for the tiniest and densest barcodes. The ability to also scan standard barcodes printed on paper labels delivers outstanding value — you get a scanner that can do double duty on and off the production line. And our industry-best complimentary tools bring a new level of simplicity to staging, upgrading and troubleshooting your devices, minimizing the time and cost of everyday management.